Just Presented

I think I rambled. Whatever.
At least with written word I’m a little more coherent. Hopefully, Krikun will read the case study as opposed to watching the video she took of it. Ugh…


I’m nervous about presenting…

…and being recorded I’m camera. I shouldn’t have eaten so soon before coming to class. First row of computers now considered “Splash Zone”… Haha, ew.

Lesson learned, but at what cost?

I feel like I’ve been betrayed by photoshop. Ugh, I have a bad taste in my mouth…

So, apparently if you make a selection and use the paint bucket tool, your edges come out pixelated as f***.

I had a lesson in paths today. I had to create a path for each of my danky edges (Thanks, Paint Bucket!). This involved using the PEN TOOL a lot. Then you stroke the path. Good to know: You can stroke a path with a “clear” paint brush (i. e. erasing).

In the future, whenever I fill a selection with the paint bucket tool I have to remember to STROKE THE SELECTION IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS
(with the paint brush).

R.I.P My valuable time.

racing to the finish line

I uploaded everything.

Last week of classes for the semester. After this, we’ll be presenting our case studies. OUR CASE STUDIES!!! I forgot about those. I haven’t worked on mine AT ALL. Oh, geez… I’m nervous. And Krikun’s making us present in front of class AND she’s gonna record us. I’m even more nervous now. Ugh…

Work in other classes is really piling up. I still have to go christmas shopping. The colleges I’m applying to are expecting an answer by the end of the week as to which one I will be attending. My phone’s running out of battery. I’m thirsty…

I’m going to pass out.

I can’t…pull….away……. help me…..

So it’s 8:17pm, wednesday night, and I’m still in the computer lab. Yea…

I finished my collage which I’m really happy about. Stumbled upon a really cool effect using OVERLAY… Ah, the mysterious overlay. You surprize me everyday : )

Also, you can STOKE a path!? What!? That makes for so many cool possibilities. I think learning that fact is what inspired me to stay so late in the first place.

We printed in class today. Fact of the Day: Printing a good-looking copy of your work is extremely tedious. I almost don’t want to put up with it. If it wasn’t for that damn sexy, glossy paper… I just want one copy of my optional for my room and one copy of my collage to give as a christmas gift. Then I’m done with printing for life. Horrible, horrible process. Keep it away from me.

Nervous about the case study. Don’t know how I’m going to fill five minutes of time with my voice unless I can just read something I’ve previously written. We’ll see how it goes.

Finished optional

I was messing around with photoshop, experimenting with different methods and filters, and I think I stumbled upon a composition. I love the way it looks and I love that I was kind of surprized by the result. I mean, I know how to do what I did, I just didn’t know it would turn out the way that it did. I’m really happy with it. It’s now posted under the “OPTIONAL” tab.

Bad news is I still haven’t come up with anything to do for my collage. Crunch time.

Also, I’m crazy nervous about the case study. Presenting has never been my strong suit and having to write about my work puts me on edge for some reason. I think my trying to explain the art I make might disenchant people from liking it, as if my words will ruin the whole experience. Hear me talk about my work and I’ll somehow convince you that it was garbage all along.

I don’t like words; I try to used them sparingly. Language is flawed. Or maybe the part of my brain that translates my thoughts into english is flawed…

Either way: lose, lose.

network down today?

Status report: We’re working on our collages now. I have to come up with 5 concepts and 5 sketches for my chosen concept by next week. I’m not really sure what to think of collages. I like ’em a little. I see some artists come up with really cool looking collages but they’re usually mixed media. “Mixed media” is almost synonymous with collage in my head. How can I portray that in a purely digital piece? Different art styles in the same space? That looks tacked on and tacky.

Maybe I can try to emulate the collage pieces of Robert Rauchenberg; I like his stuff. What most attracts me about his work is the 3 dimentiality of it. How can I make that within a piece that is supposed to be only 2D? I don’t know yet.

I guess I’ll just have to keep brainstorming.

I wanted to work on my optional piece today, BUT THE ART SERVER IS DOWN!!! All of my stuff is on there. My fault for not having a backup handy, I guess. I’m excited for my optional piece though. Basically, it looks like I went hog wild with effects, but I actually made it very methodically. I could recreate it, if asked. Prof. Krikun says that’s the sign of a good artist so I like to always stay aware of my process while working. I don’t know who would ask for another skull though. I love it but I KNOW that a lot of people wont. It’s for me. It’s experimental. I’m trying out new things in photoshop and seeing what I can and can’t do. I do love the results though. Photoshop is awesome.